Month: August 2016

Young mothers urged to exhibit discipline.

Today Rural Focus Initiative-Uganda received visitors from #SaveTheChildren at one of her training centers of attachment Kasese youth empowerment skills training centre inspecting the progress of learners. This program empowers the young girls and young mothers in skills for self reliance. The regional manager emphasized the learners to fully commit themselves adding that it is out of their commitment that would attract more funding from donors. The sub-regional manager Kasese branch Ms Susan Anek argued learners to exhibit high level of discipline as it is the base for any successful learning. She also added that they should try to avoidRead More

Perseverance, tolerance and endurance are key to success! By: Mr.Obed Kambasu

Have you ever heard of Kitholhu Secondary School? Is it your dream school? I would imagine it is not. Kitholhu Secondary School is a rural government school somewhere in the mountains of Kitholhu sub-county, Kasese district. It is one of those schools where you only go if your parents are very poor or when you are an orphan. Or maybe, when you have really bad grades! Am sure you know so many schools like this. The kind of schools you only go to as a last resort. I completed my O’ level certificate from Kitholhu Secondary School. I only wentRead More