Young mothers resort to prostitution as only means of survival!

The story of one, Gladys takes a different twist of young mother’s situation in the Nyamwamba division, Kasese Municipality. Gladys is 17years old living with her single parent being accommodated in a single rented room. She has a four months baby girl whom she has started feed on porridge.
Gladys says that because of the economic pressure at home, she had no option but to earn something through selling her body (commercial sex). When asked how she does it alongside a breast feeding, Gladys said that she decided to start feeding her young girl on porridge at four months instead of the recommended six by the ministry of health so that she can be able to live her (baby) with the grandmother with ease.
However, Gladys condemns the practice saying it is the hard economic situation she passes through in trying to withstand the situation at home.
About the child’s father, I am not sure about the real father of the child since by the time of my pregnancy, I had three men around me and the one I thought of did not accept the responsibility rendering her to take it on, Gladys explains in a low tone.
After a long discussion with Gladys, she accepted to take on vocational and entrepreneurship kills training to would in one way or another turn around the situation and live a normal happy life.