Month: March 2020

Help stop the devastating spread of COVID-19 from ravaging rural and remote communities in Africa

As COVID-19 ripples across the globe at an alarming rate, many countries are implementing critical measures to protect their people and help stop the spread. For countries in the developing world, COVID-19 will hit hard and fast – and most don’t even see it coming, especially where internet is slow and expensive. You may be in isolation and feel powerless, but you can help save millions of people in Africa who are uninformed and oblivious to what is careening toward them. Currently, there is little information on the ground in Africa on how to stay safe and stop the spread ofRead More


In this hard period of the current global epidemic COVID-19, little work is going on at RuFI Uganda. All our trainees have been sent home following the presidential directive to keep home and avoiding large crowds. However, today we will introduce to you one of our current trainees in the first half of 2020. In today’s feature Friday we introduce to you Mbambu Joy aged 15. Joy is an orphan who dropped out of school in primary 3 of the formal education. Joy comes from a family of five and with little support from home she managed to join RuFIRead More