The lockdown continues and little work is going on at RuFI Uganda. Hoping in the next couple of weeks activities will get back to normal however, with the current eleven (11) new case of track drivers that entered into the country (Uganda) from Kenya and Tanzania, no one knows what the president’s next move will be. For RuFI Staff and a few trainees, working from home continues.

Most of these trainees are at home doing home based duties and today we are letting you know yet another trainee who is training with us in this first half of 2020.  We are featuring BIIRA LOICE a Librarian by professional and working with a local secondary school.

In the bid to generate an extra income, Loice is training in Tailoring and Weaving at RuFi Uganda during her off school work and holidays. One key note about Loice is, she likes to be her own and hates being idle, making new friends and her goal in be able to increase her personal income through her work.