With the completion of our Eco-friendly women training hall, thanks to Rotary Bremen bottcherstrabe for the support, we today feature our very first trainee for 2023.

Mbambu Ester aged 16 completed her Primary Seven last year from Kyamiza Primary School. Esther is an orphan who stay with her grandmother and does home activities after training and supports in the garden on weekends and some weekly days.

I completed primary school and surely I wanted to join secondary. But because of lack of basics and of course the school fees which my grandmother couldn’t afford, I decided to enroll for a short affordable course, ester narrates as asked why she chose to go for tailoring at RuFI Uganda. The training center is also near us, it’s just a workable distance, this gave me an opportunity to join as well, she says.

Asked about her plans after training, ester says, well, I want to also be a trainer and also have my own tailoring machines and start a workshop. I want to learn many designs and fashions she continues.

 Asked about what she likes most, she says formal schooling was what she liked the most and singing. About the colors, well that one I have no choice. All colors are good to for me.