Career Guidance in Schools

Schools in Kasese district especially secondary schools have all got senior women and men teachers, and career masters but few students access information regarding their health lives adolescence changes, career choice with their relevant subject combinations. This makes their dreams not realized and their destination not defined.
Despite the government’s interventions to promote education especially in construction of classrooms, timely payment of teachers, equipping laboratories and libraries and paying school fees (USE), little has been done on career choice rendering efforts of both parents and government fruitless.
The reasons for this are broad, ranging from lack of career guidance sessions in schools, role models, limited commitment by the senior man and woman, career teachers and parents in performing their roles giving chance to strangers to do it which has been witnessed negatively. Also some of the head teachers have failed to perform their supervisory roles in regards to the students (young people) behavior change during their life time due to heavy duties mounted on them at school.
The situation results into teenage pregnancies, early marriages, lack of knowledge about opposite sex, un health relationships in and out of schools that is before marriage and also students doing courses that are not marketable in the job market. The outcomes of these become a burden to the parents and society instead of contributing to its wellbeing (society).
In Uganda, young girls leave school earlier than boys and girls are more likely than young boys to have started working especially in the informal sector. At the age of 15-19, about 65% of the boys are still in school, while more than a half of girls in the same age bracket no longer attend.

1. To offer career guidance to students in influencing their independent decision making.
2. To address the uncertainties and other dynamics associated with the transition from childhood to adulthood especially in terms of relationships and responsibilities.
3. To re-awaken schools on the roles of career masters, senior woman and man teachers and the importance of career guidance in one’s life.