Enabling Access to Clean Energy to the last Mile!

With the high rate of environmental degradation and its aftermath, many have lost their lives and many are struggling to survive.

In partnership with the Great Lakes Peace Center, we are offering affordable and high quality cook stoves and solar systems to communities that are most affected by environmental hazards. We have stoves in stock that do not emit smoke and solar panels that provide smart lighting; this is the best clean energy alternative to kerosene use in homes. Apart from eliminating toxic smoke, there is assurance of reducing dangers resulting from smoke like respiratory problems and the cutting down of trees. Be part of the campaign and kick smoke out of our homes!

Program Goal:

To contribute to the realization and achievement of UN sustainable development goals #13 and #7 in Kasese, Uganda by involving the institutions and Incarcerated populations to take urgent action on combating climate change by protecting, promoting, and restoring sustainable use of forests to halt biodiversity loss.