Environmental Conservation

Conserving the environment is everyone’s responsibility. We must ALL say NO to cutting down trees and improperly disposing of or burning plastic. Yes, there are laws protecting the environment, but they are never implemented because we have left everything to the government.

Remember, we are all beneficiaries of a protected environment, just as we all suffer from a polluted environment! The bad thing is that we are all responsible for the mess surrounding the environment, and its negative impact is hard to reverse. Members of the community must all understand that when trees are cut down, the formation of rain can’t happen and we have a poor agricultural harvest, which eventually results in famine. On the other hand, pollution caused by burning plastic is greatly affecting the environment. However, it is not yet too late to change our attitude towards the environment and jealously guard it by sensitizing communities on how we can best co-exist with the environment.

Good environment, our pride! Join our campaigns by following the links below