Extending and enabling Assess of Health services by the community

RuFI Uganda is under its strategic focus area five (5), Good health for the unprivileged, and its previous active involved in enhancing health programs in the communities by creating awareness and advocacy and taking lead in enabling access of health services, a health unit is being constructed at our Head office.

The construction of the Eco-friendly unit that is funded by Rotary Club of Bremen BoettcherstraBe began in May 2023 is now partly completed with the main part of health unit done although some works are needed to be done.

The construction of the health unit came at a time when the health services are demanded the most. Kirembe Cell being a rapidly growing area in the suburb of Kasese Municipality, health challenges continue to increase each and every day that puts lives of vulnerable persons at risk.  The imaging and scan services, in and out patients departments, general diseases diagnosis and psycho-social support and community outreach programs are the key services to be offered at the center.

The first team of inspection for the licensing and permitting the operations of the health units at the Municipal level visited us in December 2023, recommendations and adjustments to our newly constructed health unit structure were made as follows:

  1. The adjustment of the ventilation. This was made and paid. Two windows, an emergency door and enlargement of the laboratory window were made and paid.
  2. Water connection. The water connection to the health unit was under budgeted and with the inspection recommendations, for washing points were added, that is, the nurses’ room, main ward, the doctors room, the laboratory and now the inside toilet for the medical staff. The inside plumbing works were done and paid and the unpaid are the washing sinks and the out drainage works that were further added in the budget.
  3. RuFI Uganda uses an ecosan toilet and the inspection team did not recommend it for a bigger population of people instead a pit latrine was recommended to be constructed in addition to the current toilet. This was to separate the staff and patients from using the same facility.  The estimated cost for the Pit Latrine is 10,625,000 Ugx (Ten Million six hundred twenty five thousand shillings only).
  4. Drainage system. With adjustments made by the inspection team, the planned drainage system was not enough to accommodate all the washing and sanitation points and therefore adjustment was also made increasing the drainage system budget that was only under water connection in the original budget. For the drainage system, 14,028,800ugx fourteen million twenty eight thousand eight hundred) is what will be need to cover the entire work.
  5. The standard veranda and front shade on the health unit are other items that needed to be added on the health unit building.  The shade is to be the provisional reception to the health unit. An estimate of 3,720,000 ugx will be needed for this part of the health unit.
  6. The disposal/dumping area wasn’t gazetted and prepared to ensure proper sanitation at the health unit guaranteed and thus space next to the Main store was reserved for disposal and laundry for the health unit. This shall be done locally.  
  7. Water and electricity installation were two items that were under budgeted but urgent during the construction works. In this regard, Tiling and painting material were supplied on credit to ensure work of construction is fully complete. However, the painting is now done and paid for after the receipts were submitted. The receipts for the additional works shall be made available.
  8. There will be additional plumbing works and Adjustments to the inside shower/toilet of the health unit with a

With the above having been added to the tasks to have been done before the second inspection team from the municipal and district health departments is invited, a delay is inevitable to have the unit open the doors as we have more  adjustments to be  made especially to the budget.

The amount of Ugx 42,367,200(Forty two million three hundred sixty seven thousand two hundred shillings) has so far been received towards the construction of the health unit and this has helped to put up the health unit structure with electricity installed and initial plumbing works now completed.

The other required items/tasks needed ready before license is granted or before the official opening are;

  1. A signed Memorandum of understanding with hospital/high level medical center for referrals of complicated issues or emergencies.
  2. Equipping the unit with the necessary items like the Drug shop/Pharmacy, laboratory equipment, furniture and others. Here some funds are available and donated by Kathrin Hill and her team to equip the health unit once all the construction works are done.
  3. Recruitment of qualified and licensed medical and pharmaceutical personnel
  4. Having a financial backup for at least 6months of operation estimated at 15,000,000ugx (fifteen million Uganda shillings).

More efforts are still needed to have the work fully complete in preparation of the initial commissioning of the health unit.

In conclusion we convey our sincere appreciations to everyone most especially of dear friends from Rotary Club of Bremen BoettcherstraBe who are putting in a hand of support to the medical unit project at RuFI Uganda for the community of Kasese District in improving people’s lives.