Plant a tree, Save a Life

Mankind still lives because nature exits. However, this coexistence is being tampered with by mankind’s selfish activities, which include charcoal burning and uncontrolled agricultural practices in Kasese District in particular, which have caused unnecessary massive cutting down of trees. This has resulted in prolonged droughts resulting in hunger, land conflict, climate change and the subsequent disappearance of glaciers on Mount Rwenzori, which is a major tourist attraction and hence the earning of foreign exchange to the country.

This too has reduced the daily income of individuals who survive off of tourism, like the drivers, tourism companies and tourists’ guards and the general community that fully depend on agriculture. This is a serious community problem that requires immediate attention and action. Thus, justifying our commitment to plant trees on every bare hill and other redundant lands in the cited areas in Kasese district accompanied by sensitizing the communities on the best practices of keeping the environment friendly.


Restoring the eco-system on the slopes of Rwenzori.


Planting 60000 trees by the end of 2021. The activity will target primarily women and young people.


  1. To green the slopes of Rwenzori to restore a friendly environment for glaciers on the  mountain
  2. To  train women and young people on the best practices of environmental conservation
  3. To engage the community as the beneficiaries of a stable and well protected environment. 


We look forward to having partners in the different support aspects in the campaign. This may be financial, material, labor, expertise and consultancy.

Tree distributed to one of the beneficiaries of the campaign.