Response to COVID19 and Floods in Kasese District-Uganda

Our Staff Enrolling Young mothers affected with floods at Basecamp primary school Camp


Uganda went into lock down on the 18th March 2020 as businesses were closed from operating and only essential services were allowed to operate. Schools, and all other crowded places were closed. This led to sending away of students, trainees, staff home as a preventive measure against the spread of the disease. For all these months, Uganda is still under lock down though some businesses were allowed to operate but this is a small percentage of businesses that the entire population survive on. This has left many people to lose their jobs including those who sponsor trainees in RUFI training workshop. This therefore challenges us to respond to such terrible situation of our people more especially our women.

Before we could respond to the COVID19, Kasese was hit by floods coupled with the mudslides on the 7th of May 2020 displacing thousands and making them homeless as others lost lives. Crops, bridges, roads and houses were destroyed leaving many stranded. This was so tough in the areas of Kasese municipality, maliba, kitholhu, kanyangeya, kyarumba where many people are living in camps.

Claus Oellerking and Almut Lukpes our friends in Germany together with their friends raised money that enabled us to reach out to those in camps affected by floods and other vulnerable members of the community affected by the COVID19 through our project implementation “response to covid19 and floods in Kasese district-Uganda”.

Overall Goal:

To provide relief to the vulnerable people affected by COVID-19 and the floods victims

Duration: 6 months

Project Objectives:

  • To respond to covid19/floods by reaching out to the most vulnerable groups of people.
  • To provide food and non-food  items to people living in camps
  • To ensure continuity of the vocational training through sponsorship of the current trainees who lost their sources of income.
  • To train young girls and mothers affected by floods in vocational skills to cope with life after COVID19 and floods.
  • To ensure continuity of RuFI Uganda activities after the pandemic and floods.


  1. Engaging the authorities and briefing them on the project and visiting camps and homes.
  2. Procuring and Delivering of relief items to the camps
  3. Getting into contact with current trainees about supporting their continuity of the course.
  4. Visiting the homes of the flood affected women and young mothers
  5. Identifying and selecting the rightful beneficiaries
  6. Enrolling new trainees into the project and signing contracts with them
  7. Training of enrolled selected beneficiaries
  8. Reporting

Target Numbers:


Staff Involved


Number of Trainees


Indirect Beneficiaries

A house submerged with water and sand in the recent Kasese Floods
A house submerged with water and sand in the recent Kasese Floods