Trainers of Trainees (TOT) successfully skilled in Basket weaving!

Five (5) people both women and girls successfully completed their two weeks intensive training in basket weaving at Trainers of Trainees at RuFI-U. The selected people were from the rural sub counties of Bwesumbu and Buhuhira in Kasese District.

This training was conducted to further empower over 30families that were directly affected with conflicts that broke out last year in the Rwenzori Region.

The project focuses on offering a range of capacity development services or tailor-made training especially for young women in and out of school who were severely affected by conflicts. The program uses community theatre to break or remove some of the barriers such as stigmatization that prevent young girls from going to school or that make them drop out of school.

The project is supported by RIC-NET entitled advancing the dignity of conflict affected children and youth with funding from Global Fund for Children (GFC) where RuFi-U act as a consultant in implementing some of the project activities like skill training.