What we do

Our Strategic Focus Areas (SFAs):

RUFI – (U)  strategically implements activities under the following thematic areas in line with the policies of the Republic of Uganda. We are involved in both emergency and development programs. In emergency we focus on human rights abuses and child protection for vulnerable communities, while our long term strategic priorities (5SFAs) that support emergencies and development programs in Uganda are below:

SFA1 Vocational Skills and Entrepreneurship Training;

Result 1: Improved community livelihoods and reduced poverty levels among youth, young mothers and fathers and other vulnerable populations through provision of vocational and entrepreneurship training, establishment of a well-equipped and reliable vocational skills training centre for strong and sustainable economic transformation and development.

SFA2  Promoting Education:

Result 2: Provide information to teachers, parents and children on the benefits of educating children and education’s general role in community development through career guidance in schools, radio talk shows and in community meetings and gatherings.

SFA 3: Child Protection & Human Rights:

Result 3: Increase community participation and involvement to promote awareness of human rights and defend children’s rights, such as the rights to education, health, food, and increased access to quality welfare of both children and adolescents, particularly those affected by domestic violence, child marriage, HIV/AIDs and other community conflicts.

SFA4: Environmental Conservation:

Result 4: Advocate for the accessibility and use of clean energy products to create a friendly community in harmony with nature.

SFA5:  Health:

RuFI – Uganda is actively involved in enhancing health programs in the communities by creating awareness and advocacy in the communities to take the lead in accessing health services during HIV/AIDs training and awareness creation in the communities.