Sanitation & Hygiene

Most parts of Kasese district are hard to reach areas which put the population in here to hardly receive both information on hygiene and health services in general.
Being at the extreme end of the country, the only services provided in these areas are by government as no private investor can risk to establish enterprises to offer social services that includes health and education services since the areas itself is a poverty stricken which means the population cannot afford to pay for social services.
In these areas most education is at a higher extend acquired from government primary schools. This leaves these schools heavily crowded and therefore causing a worrying state of hygiene because of the high population.
Water and hygiene are the most urgently needed and essentials for good learning environment. There is a gap of hygiene and sanitation practices in all these schools and this is the gap RUFI-U as a rural focused community organization is trying to fill by training pupils and students as well as communities on hygiene, sanitation and water management. RUFI-U will take an initiative of training community and hygiene promoters.