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We are today featuring another special former trainee from RuFI Uganda who was one of Response to COVID19 and Floods Project that started in May 2020. In our interview today, we are featuring Nyangoma Oliva aged 37, and we asked her how she is finding life after training and here is what she narrates; Interviewer: How are you Doing and how has our training helped you? Nyagoma: Am doing fine and life fairly okay. To be sincere my training with RuFi was a big turning point for me since this is the only source of income am currently relying onRead More


This week we are pleased to introduce to you our special trainee Nyangoma Oliva 37 and a single mother of 3 and the very first flood victim enrolled into RuFI Uganda weaving class. Nyangoma one of the many flood victims who lost all her property became a mother at 15 after she had dropped out of school. This was also after the death of her biological father who was responsible of her fees.  Nyangoma says her husband passed away 10years back and she has been taking care of her three children since then. Out of the three children two areRead More


It was such a horrible day in Kasese-Uganda as many properties have been lost due to heavy down pour from the Rwenzoris that caused a lot of flooding. The rivers sound was terrible that even at a distance of 20kms people heard it. Evacuation of people from danger zones like Red Cross Area (Muyenga Lower) started as early 1:00am in the morning to ensure no life is lost. And combined with the current situation brought about due the outbreak of COVID 19, there is much fear on how people will survive where people are just staying at home without working.Read More


Happy Labour Day to all workers across the globe! Every one’s effort counts in making the world better. Thank you all for the hard work! Today we introduce Driwaru Irene(Left) aged 24 and a mother of two. she finished her ordinary secondary education last year sponsored by her grand mother after loosing his parents in an accident ten years back. As she waits for people with good and supporting hearts to support her next move in formal education, Driwaru decided to join Rural Focus Initiative Uganda (RUFI) to learn the hands on skills and she is currently training in weaving.Read More


The lockdown continues and little work is going on at RuFI Uganda. Hoping in the next couple of weeks activities will get back to normal however, with the current eleven (11) new case of track drivers that entered into the country (Uganda) from Kenya and Tanzania, no one knows what the president’s next move will be. For RuFI Staff and a few trainees, working from home continues. Most of these trainees are at home doing home based duties and today we are letting you know yet another trainee who is training with us in this first half of 2020.  WeRead More


We bring the Fourth trainee in our January-February enrollment for 2020.Masika Sharon aged 17 a primary seven dropout is another teenage under our mentor-ship. With the current COVID19 lock-down, she is helping in doing home duties as she wait to resume training.  Sharon who currently lives with her uncle in the outskirts of Kasese Municipality is currently doing tailoring at RuFI Uganda. With her inability to cope up with formal education, Sharon opted for life skill training as her life career. She is a committed young girl and loves what she does. Her career plan plan after completing her courseRead More

Working from home remains the only alternative for our team!

With the extra 21 days lockdown extension, both office and workshop activities continue to be done from home to have the workload is reduced. “Government has decided to keep in place the stay-home order for another 21 days. This started today April, 15 to May, 5, 2020 to allow the ministry of health study the situation longer,” Museveni said there are still a number of danger points that would see the virus spread in the country including the porous border points with nearby countries that allow people sneak into the country, cargo trucks drivers and their crews, aircraft crew, UN workers whoRead More


For the Christian fraternity, it’s a Good Friday and we wish you the best during this festive season which many will celebrate in closed doors! At RuFI Uganda, though all work is at hold during this curfew as a result of COVID19 outbreak, yet again we today in our feature Friday schedule introduce to you Kabugho Clarise Mother of two married and dropped school in Primary Seven.  Clarise is doing Tailoring at RuFi Uganda and joined us later December 2019. She is passionate towards tailoring and has a dream to start up her own business as a tailor to alsoRead More


After having prepared the gardens a week ago, today it was a busy morning planting seeds on the three gardens.  We expect high harvest and constant production of vegetables throughout the year and reduce on the daily expenditures With support from one generous donor @Bwambale_Benjamin, the kitchen gardening project will support three home gardens to boost the nutrition levels of Children. With this donation we procured tomato, carrot, green paper and okra seeds that have been shared among the three gardens.


With all our trainees send home as part of the implementation of the presidential directive for self-isolation in the bid to reduce the spread of COVID-19 in Uganda, there is no training going, however, this time again we will introduce to you one more trainee part of the 2020 class. Today we feature Friday Biira Sifa aged 15 training in tailoring. Sifa a Congolese national staying in central division of Kasese Town with her uncle. Sifa never attended any formal education and in her teenage life till she joined RuFI has been helping in home activities. In the three monthsRead More