Our Home for Vocational Skilling

Last year with support from our generous donors, we procured a plot of land to accommodate the organization. This will have the training workshop, the accommodation for staff and the organization offices. This is the plan that we have to start on as soon as funds are available.  We are currently using this land to grow crops to supplement the diet of staff. Crops grown here include maize, Ground nuts and soya beans.

Once our Centre is complete, the organization will be relieved of the burden of the monthly house rent that could be as well be diverted to other organizational projects. Also the current training space is another challenge as at times we train in shifts because of the current small space. This means that our own Centre will solve such challenges. Our training is categorized into two that tailoring and weaving.

On the other hand, the Centre will increase our enrollment. This will be possible because the space will be enough to accommodate many trainees. Also the area where to construct this workshop, has no other training Centre and therefore ours will be the only one in the area to serve a huge population.

The Centre will be able to provide space to accommodate other organizational activities such as sports for the women. Our women at the Centre have got a volley ball team and we expect our new facility to cater for such an important activity.