Vocational Skills Training

Poverty is another devil that has wrecked the Rwenzori region and because of this girls and boys have dropped out of school and the effects have obviously been early pregnancies, early marriages, high unemployment rates, and high HIV/AIDS spread rates.
For instance, Buhuhira sub-county is one of the great Kyabarungira sub-counties in the eastern parts of Kasese district. The great Kyabarungira is regarded as the most backward parts of Kasese in terms of education and participation in the social, political activities.
Many parents in the rural communities of Kasese can no longer handle the even the little fees required to top government contribution to both primary and secondary levels. This is due to the high levels of poverty in these communities.
Rural Focus Initiative – Uganda is currently practically empowering the youth especially young mothers and girls who have found it hard to finish school and consequently got children at an early age with irresponsible fathers.
Vocational Skills Training intends to help the young mothers to up bring their children and preach the gospel against early marriages and pregnancies.
Currently, eight (8) girls have been trained in busket weaving and handbag knitting as trainers of trainees to help us reach more of the same.

To have self reliant and sustaining young mothers and girls

Accessibility. It has been and is still a main challenge to access the most vulnerable girls and young women deep in the village and this has been caused by of enough fund to further intensify this program.

With the few trained, their products are sold off to raise more funds to enable continuity of the project.